BMW builds an M5 CSL  

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Celebrating 25 years of M5, BMW reveals today at Nurburgring an one-off BMW M5 CSL. Our german editor Benny is on-site and will report more news in the next few hours.
BMW’s Motorsport division buils a special lightweight version of the current E60 M5. The car is being described by M division’s head of development, Albert Biermann, as “the M5 CSL we never built”.

The transformation began with a modified version of the standard M5's 5.0-liter V10, which has been stroked to 5.5-liters and fitted with a carbon fiber intake, secondary oil cooler and a new fascia. BMW remains mum on official power figures, but Biermann says the mods are good for around 580 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque over the standard 507 hp engine.

BMW’s M division has also stripped down the interior, doing away with the standard front seats in favour of two carbon fibre backed pews, while the rear seat has been ditched altogether.

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