Deep and wide – Mercedes SL 500 of INDEN design  

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INDEN design is one of the most famous tuners for Mercedes vehicles. Modern accessories now underline the silhouette of the SL. No matter whether SL by INDEN Design is considered to be an object for collectors or a pure driving car, it is evident that the sport-car can be well convincing with the modification to SL65 AMG (model 2007).

On the basis of SL 500 the INDEN-Design launches a special model which is convincing with a lot of design work and also with the horsepower. The specialist from Haiger concentrates on changes especially in the external design. To give SL sport appearance it will be equipped with the specially-designed wheels. INDEN Champion light aluminium rims 10,5x20 and 11,75x20 inches with 255/30-20 and 305/25-20 high-capacity Pirelli tires correspondingly guarantee dynamic driving. In addition, star rim spokes were varnished in black / lackluster and the high-grade steel outside rims were given luster. These provide for controlled speed at the sport-car level. Furthermore, SL is equipped with the integrated ABC-sport suspension module with adjustable height up to about 50 mm.

Now let's take a closer look at the vehicle from the outside. The complex modification to SL 65 AMG consists of a front spoiler, a rear valance with carbon diffuser, side skirts and a rear spoiler as well as rear lights. The door handles, mudguards and radiator grill are also painted black/lackluster. The sport silencer with the 65th exhaust pipe made of high-grade steel perfectly completes the outside appearance.

There are also positive changes in the vehicle interior. To improve the interior, black decorative features were covered in SL 500 with clavier varnish. In addition, an AMG Black Series steering wheel of 360 mm in diameter was installed. The roof-control module or the roof provide a wide view at the speed of max. 50 km / h.

However, the tuning program includes more than that: due to the INDEN design, power augmentation reaches the racing 330 HP, accompanied by Vmax increase. INDEN improvement will certainly make SL 500 more athletic!

Modification costs:

- SL 65 AMG Bodykit incl. varnishing and installation 5,498.00 euros
- SL 65 rear lights AMG incl. installation 548.00 euros
- The third brake light from facelift in white 119.00 euros
- Black Series steering wheel 1,059.00 euros
- Clavier varnish black decorative features 950.00 euro
- Pure carbon interior 1,998.00 euros
- Adjustable sport suspension module 1,398.00 euros, installation 250.00 euros
- Inden Champion wheel set 10.5 and 11,75x20 with 255/30 and 305 / 25R 20 (star lackluster black, high-grade steel and polished rim base) 11,700.00 euros
- Body works necessary for the wheel set 2,200.00 euros
- Stainless steel exhaust system with the 65th exhaust pipe 2,498.00 euros
- Pure carbon rear diffuser 1,448.00 euros
- Roof control module 298.00 euros
- Door handles and mudguard in lackluster black incl. disassemble and installation 820.00 euros
- Door handles and mudguard in pure carbon incl. disassemble and installation 1,420.00 euros
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