Germany's Senner Tuning Whitelady Z gets alles weiß mit der Nissan 370Z  

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Live long enough and you'll eventually see everything. Especially if you hang around the tuner scene. Now, we've been to SEMA a few times and we've seen some things -- many of which are fairly awful, if not flat out hurtful. However, we're not saying that the Senner Tuning Whitelady Z is hurtful. Nor is it even close to awful. In fact, as far as a tuned Nissan 370Z goes, Senner's Whitelady is on the mild side of the salsa bar. In fact, we think it looks good and the list of what's changed is short.

You've got some KW coilovers replacing the stock dampers, an Invidia exhaust system with 101 mm pipes releasing an additional 21 horses (for a total of 353 hp, three ponies more than the factory tuner Nismo) and a sport air filter. And, besides the wheels, that's it. Well, those sill-graphics, but really, that's it. So then, why are we acting like the Senner Tuning Whitelady Z is a SEMA-mutant all star? Make the jump, por favor.

The wheels! You might need to scroll back up and look, but the Where's Waldo? champs amongst you have already noticed that on the driver side the Barracuda Tzunamee racing wheels (9x20 up front, 10x20 out back) are white, and on the passenger side matte black. What in the....? Seriously though, why on earth would you do that? Also, we happen to think that the black pieces look five times better than the white ones.
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