Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu e:S Concept  

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Daihatsu has taken the wraps off the fuel-efficient e:S concept in Tokyo.

Meant to showcase the company's environmentally friendly stance, the concept is a miniscule three-door hatchback that resembles a lengthened Toyota iQ. Despite the small 2,175mm (85.6") wheelbase, the e:S is a four-seater.

In terms of performance, there isn't any. Power comes from a 0.65-liter (660cc) three-cylinder petrol engine that features an automatic start/stop system. Thanks to the tiny engine and a light 700kg (1543.2 lbs) total weight, the e:S averages 30km/liter (70.6 mpg).

Production seems feasible, but Daihatsu is staying quiet on the subject.
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