Giant with 585 HP - by VÄTH Automobiltechnik  

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VÄTH Giant based on Mercedes ML 63 AMG

One of the most powerful ML 63 AMG comes from VÄTH Automobiltechnik. This fast vehicle with up to 300 km/h is being built on the ML 63 AMG base in Hösbach. The heart of this high-performance SUV is VÄTH 6.3 liters 585 HP engine with sensational 690 Nm.

VÄTH Giant based on Mercedes ML 63 AMG

In order to give the powerful engine its desired serviceability many engine parts have been substituted. The engine has enlarged countersunk channels leading to the cylinder head. Moreover, big intake and exhaust valves as well as a sports camshaft and fitting valve springs have been installed. Furthermore, individual fine tuning of engine electronics was carried out and an exhaust manifold, two high-grade steel catalyst converters and a sport air filter were installed. Special forged pistons guarantee stability at high engine rpm. Engine tuning costs 17.850,00 Euro plus 1.785,00 Euro for the installation.

VÄTH Giant based on Mercedes ML 63 AMG

Acceleration values also benefit from this exemplary power characteristic: for only 4.5 seconds a heavy SUV like a sports car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h. At 300 km/h the giant is decelerated by air resistance.

Certainly this enormous available capability also imposes extreme requirements on aerodynamics, chassis and breaking system. The uplift on the rear axle can be reduced by a rear spoiler (405,00 Euro) mounted/glued over the tailgate.

VÄTH Giant based on Mercedes ML 63 AMG

The 3-spoke 22-inch light alloy rims combined with high performance 265/35 ZR 22 or 305/30 ZR 22 Dunlop tyres and wheel arches contribute to driving dynamics and exclusive design. The price per wheel set is 8.568,00 Euros. Thus, there is enough space left for the VÄTH high performance breaking system (4.641,00 Euros) with 8-piston fix calipers and 380 mm (15") break discs - be sure to find here flexible steel tubes and racing break fluids.

Adjustable sport suspension (1.952,00 Euros) based on Airmatic (-40mm/-1½") not only ensures ML lowering, but also guarantees road holding capacity of a sports car.

Fog lights behind the front bumper grill for 583,00 Euros complete the masterpiece!
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