Video: Bowls LA Scion xB Project Truck by SEMA  

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The Bowls project truck is part of this year’s ‘Scion xB Tuner Challenge’ that pits three designers, including Leung, against each other to build the best customized xB for SEMA. Each was given a car to modify, with $10,000 cash awarded for the best vehicle.

The Bowls ScionB is inspired by the 1970 Toyota Crown pickup - a kind of Japanese El Camino - which wasn't released in the US. It features TRD parts like the clutch, a limited-slip differential, a rear stabiliser bar and brakes. For added safety a roll cage is installed. Expect a cool ICE kit courtesy of Pioneer.

Bowls LA partnered with Advanced Design Fabrication to convert the xB from humble city people mover into a pickup. First, they lengthened its wheelbase to accommodate a matching bike that will sit in its cargo box.

There’s a reason for the go fast kit inside the cabin. The xB’s engine has been tweaked with an AEM cold air intake, performance parts from Brian Crower and a Nitrous Oxide injection system. The five-speed manual transmission has been strengthened with a Toyota Racing Development heavy-duty clutch and to help lay all that power to the road, there's a TRD limited-slip diff. TRD has also donated a front strut tower brace and rear sway bar that work with a digital air ride kit from Air Lift.

Bowls also created a custom bike which will fit snugly on the truck bed. Overall a 1970s Southern California feel has been achieved.

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    It's so awesome. It looks fantastic inside and out and I'll bet it has tremendous performance, too.