Hamann performance kits for the Fiat 500 Abarth and Abarth esseesse  

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At first glance, the Fiat 500 does not really seem to fit into the HAMANN-Motorsport programme. But the company based in Laupheim is not only one of the most renowned refiners for BMW-models and exclusive luxury cars, but also popular cars - and without any question the retro scooter surely belongs into that category. Since the model has been introduced in 2007, HAMANN has offered dynamic modification kits for the Cinquecento which meet large approval with the fans.

Now the next strike of genius follows: HAMANN provides the Fiat 500 with more power. The Abarth version is the centre of attention - Fiat´s sports model. Yet, the factory-made 135 hp sound rather modest. But HAMANN now changes that with five performance enhancements. Already the smallest upgrade "HS I" boots the little scooter up to 160 hp by applying some well-directed changes in the engine electronics. The torque rises from 206 to strong 285 Nm. But this is not yet the end for the 1.4 litre petrol car. The next upgrade "HS II" pushes the Abarth to 180 hp and 295 Nm torque. Software setting, modified exhaust turbo charger, optimised air filter case with sports air filter as well as a two-pipe end muffler - they all make this impressive result possible. But the HAMANN technicians even go one step further with the performance kit "HS III" which renders 210 hp and 310 Nm. This can be attributed to a turbo charger with smaller geometry, a new fuel supply and an optimised engine electronic.

The vehicle transforms from the friendly bubble car in the back mirror into the wild beast with the help of the two race-qualified modification kits which contain an entire engine modification. For the power setting "HS RACE" for example, HAMANN uses forged pistons, enhanced connection rods, a modified turbo charger with charge air cooler, a race clutch with weight-optimised one-mass flywheel and a new control electronic - altogether this renders 240 hp and a torque of 330 Nm. For optimum deceleration, there are sport brakes with a four-piston calliper and 264 mm or 305 mm large brake discs. The Abarth turns into a real missile with the modification kit "HS CINQUECENTO 575". Compared to the "HS RACE", it also contains a re-engineered cylinder head with adjusted camshaft, two charge air coolers as well as a self-locking differential. This leads to an impressive power of 275 hp while the torque is catapulted to 380 Nm.

Furthermore, HAMANN-Motorsport offers an alteration for the manual transmission. By applying a long fifth gear, the engine rev is decreased by 500 r.p.m. which allows a higher end speed. Moreover, customers can order a self-locking differential which allows a locking capacity of up to 50 percent and therefore significantly increases the traction. Both components and the power settings can be also combined with the Fiat 500 Abarth performance kit "esseesse" by the manufacturer.

HAMANN presents the remarkable broad built LARGO as a perfect match for the sporty power makeover. New aerodynamics components made of light composite materials are produced for the modified design language of the trendy Italian. Perfectly processed extensions seamlessly fit into the design and render a masculine appearance. The re-engineered front skirt with integrated LED daytime running lights is the striking eye-catcher. Special wing extensions are fitted at the front and the back. These make the car body wider by impressive 30 millimetres at the front axle and 35 millimetres at the rear axle. The perfectly designed side skirts act as a visual connection between the two. And also the new rear has much to offer: sports exhaust systems with two- or four end pipes and a Ferrari-like diffuser impressively enhance the back section. All HAMANN components do not only convince with their look, but also with their aerodynamics. They enable an optimised airflow over the vehicle silhouette and render additional downthrust.

Different HAMANN sports suspensions ensure a better handling and so does the newly developed design wheel LARGO FORGED ANODIZED which perfectly matches the new, sporty look. The black matt anodised, one-part rim is offered in the size 8.0 x 18 (front axle) and 9.0 x 18 (rear axle). HAMANN recommends tyres in the dimension 215/35 R18 or 225/35 R18. A favourable alternative is the cast rim HM EVO. The hallmark of the modern style shown in this 18-inch rim is the glossy black varnish with the diamond-polished rim star and the classy well. Five elongated and vaulted triple spokes confirm the visual and technical finesse. The rim is offered in the size 7.5 x 18. HAMANN recommends tyres in the dimension 215/35 R18 at the front- and 225/35 R18 at the rear axle. But it is not only the dynamic design of the rims that convinces its drivers, it is also the low weight that reduces the unsprung masses of the car.

As an alternative to the broad-build programme LARGO, the tuning specialist also offers the "sportivo-line" for the Fiat 500. Front skirt, side wings and rear skirt emphasise the trendy look of the retro scooter and so does the design wheel HM sportive I. The black matt varnished, one-part rim has a diamond-polished outer edge and is offered in 7.0 x 17. Here, HAMANN recommends tyres in the dimension 195/40 ZR17 or 215/35 ZR 17.
An aluminium pedal set including foot rest and a floor mat set with embroidered HAMANN logo accentuate the dynamic interior focus. The Fiat 500 Abarth programme is stylishly perfected with a flag decoration.
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