Dartz Porsche 911 with whale skin vinyl exterior  

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Russian tuner Dartz caused quite a stir when they announced they would be finishing the interior of the Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition SUV with whale penis leather. Yes, that's right, leather made out of the hide from a whale penis.

How to report to his management company, the search for a successful conclusion. "This is an exact copy of the surface of the skin of the whale's penis - rejoices achievements Yankelovich. - But not a single whale has not lost his penis - as this artificial surface. To no one in doubt, on each machine, which used this material to be pasted label "Save the whales.
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Dartz Porsche 911 with whale skin vinyl exterior

Press Release


Here we are - we keep our promises and we follow car fashion trends.

After getting big kick and realizing our mistake with whale penis leather interior on UberLuxury Armored car DARTZ PROMBRON MONACO RED DIAMOND edition, we promised to find other solution.

And we did it.

Today, March, 19 - at Top Marques Monaco press conference we shown one of our artworx - PORSCHE covered with WHALE.SKIN.VINYL, new generation of car wrapping materials.

This vinyl is not regular vinyl which became more and more popular car trend. This is authentic copy ....yes, this is a copy of WHALE PENIS SKIN SURFACE.

But no whale lost their penis - as this is artificail covering.

And that's not all.

On liner of WHALE.SKIN.VINYL You will see SAVE The WHALES logo - so everybody, who installed WHALE.SKIN.VINYL oin their car will support SAVE The WHALES movement and will allow Earth Biggest Penises (to 2,40 m) owners to feel safe in ocean - as DARTZ created an alternative to their skin!

First lucky people who can install WHALE.SKIN.VINYL live at Cote d'Azur - as this material will be availbale at DARTZ.FRANCE office - www.dartz.fr

And - of course - we are waiting You at Top Marques Monaco 2010 on PROMBRON MONACO RED DIAMOND presentation. On that moment car is 90% ready, and ready to shock this world again!

-Leonard F. Yankelovich

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