Geneva Motor Show: Tata Nano EV Concept  

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Tata expanded its foray into alternative fuels at the Geneva Motor Show. The company showed off the Tata Nano Electric Vehicle as part of a long term plan that will include a 2012 market release of the EV.

Tata Nano EV Concept

Yup, Tata was working on the Nano EV and here it is. Looks like Tata wants a new tag – maker of the world’s cheapest Electric vehicle.

Tata Nano EV Concept

The Tata Nano EV Concept car will come with a driving range of 99 miles and would take off to 60 km/h in just 10m seconds. It is quite a good deal for an electric car and it would be less than what you pay as fuel for an entire year for your SUV. The car looks quite typical to the Asian cars which have the box like structure, without cuts or shapes.

Tata Nano EV Concept

The EV will first hit markets in Scandinavia and the UK while India might have to wait for few more years to get the same. Lack of proper infrastructure and no help from the government in the form of reduced taxes for electric vehicles seem to be the reason for the delay. The EV might also cost upto two times the cost of a standard Nano, which is still a great price for an EV.

Tata Nano EV Concept

Tata told reporters in Geneva that the Euro-spec Tata Nano will come to market in 2011. Changes for the European customer base includes a body that is 20 centimeters longer, better suspension, and antilock brakes. The electric model will be released in 2012.

Tata Nano EV Concept

"Electrification will be an integral part of our initiative to launch environment-friendly vehicles," said Tata Motors executive Ravi Kant. "The Indica Vista EV will be introduced in select European countries, beginning this year. We will progressively introduce electric vehicles in all relevant markets."

Tata Nano EV Concept

Press Release

Tata Motors displays Tata Nano EV at the 80th Geneva Motor Show

Tata Motors today presented at the 80th Geneva Motor Show the Tata Nano Electric Vehicle (EV), based on the award winning Tata Nano platform. When launched, it will expand the company's electric vehicles portfolio, which already comprises the Tata Indica Vista EV.
Mr. Ravi Kant, Vice Chairman, Tata Motors, said, "Electrification will be an integral part of our initiative to launch environment-friendly vehicles. The Indica Vista EV will be introduced in select European countries, beginning this year. We will progressively introduce electric vehicles in all relevant markets."
The Tata Nano EV offers the practicality of a real car, compromising nothing in the pursuit of providing environment-friendly personal transportation for the modern consumer.
It will seat four individuals comfortably in its spacious interiors, which the Tata Nano is known for. It will have a predicted range of up to 160 km and an acceleration of 0-60 kmph in under 10 seconds.
Tata Motors continues its innovative approach with the Tata Nano EV, using super polymer lithium ion batteries, as in the Tata Indica Vista EV, which provide superior energy density to conventional batteries.
The company has already displayed the Tata Nano Europa at last year's Geneva Motor Show, and expects to launch it in select European countries in a couple of years. Meanwhile, in India, the Tata Nano, now being delivered to the first 100,000 chosen customers, has received rave reviews. It has won the 2010 ICOTY (Indian Car of the Year) Award, an award instituted jointly by six auto publications. It has also been individually declared as the Car of the Year by three other auto publications/television channels.
The Tata Indica Vista EV, based on the award-winning new generation Tata Indica Vista, is also a more practicable option for the consumer capable of carrying four individuals and adequate luggage space. Its super polymer lithium ion batteries provide a predicted range of up to 200 km and acceleration of 0-60 kmph in under 10 seconds.
Also on display are the Tata Aria, a mid-range Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) with the all terrain assurance and premiumness of an SUV, premiered in January in India and first shown as a concept at the 75th Geneva Motor Show, and the Tata Indigo Manza, the recently launched new generation sedan.
The Tata Aria blends the functionality and comfort of a mid-range MPV with the all-terrain assurance and premiumness of an SUV. Its unique design and construction makes it robust, elegant and comfortable. The interiors, with three rows of theatre style seating, present a luxurious world of premium features comprising 3D surround sound, dimming roof lamps, in-dash built-in GPS, a state-of-the-art infotainment system, multifunctional steering wheel, dual air conditioning with automatic climate control and cruise control.
The Tata Indigo Manza is an altogether new car with a feline aggressive appearance. A complete new body on a new platform houses an all new interior. The spacious right inclination rear seats with a centre armrest, allow one to sit back and relax, in a living room like comfort and ambience. The tilt adjustable power steering with a height adjustable driver seat allows a comfortable driving posture. The driver information system on top of the central console provides information on fuel consumption and ambient temperature, while the sporty instrument cluster shrouded in the swoop of the soft-feel dashboard completes the styling statement. A 2 DIN Music System offers connectivity with a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity through the Blue5.
Tata Motors is also displaying at Geneva this year the Tata Xenon Double Cab pick-up vehicle and the Tata Indica Vista. The Xenon Double Cab is available in Italy, Spain, Poland, Thailand, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and several countries in Africa. The Tata Indica Vista has already been launched in South Africa, and will be introduced in the company's European markets. The other new generation cars of the company on display will also be launched in international markets in a phased manner.

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  • 9/3/10 09:25  

    The Tata Nano is a great example of how new thinking can change an old industry. The success of this car lands on many unique and innovative ways to manufacture.

    A Canadian success story in the world of automotive equipment manufacturing is that of Samco Machinery ( They manufacturer roll forming machines that are used in the manufacturing of the Tata Nano chassis. By utilizing this advanced technology Tata was able to meet cost and quality targets.

    Great job to both companies.

  • 14/3/10 22:42  

    Nice article.

  • 20/4/10 02:48  

    The engine for both of the cars is basically the same. On top of that, the Indica has a lot more space, more features, better ride quality and is priced better

    Car Wheel

  • 17/5/10 06:34  

    Tata Nano is good car,it is cheap,stylist look,everything all right for this car,TATA company using this new technology every day, so that the customer have to not face any

    problem,Let's try the right thing to every customer,

    Honda tail light

  • 27/5/10 05:42  

    I am big supporter of electric cars and I hope Tata Nano electric is going to be real price killer. The price tag of $2500 for the regular car is promising a price tag for electric version around $5ooo. This can be a revolution for the electric car market. I sincerely hope that Tata Nano Electric is going to be produced and sold around the world.

  • 17/6/10 01:36  

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