1970s Mercedes C111 show car Damaged During Attempted Theft  

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A rare 1970s-era Mercedes-Benz C111 was the target for some thieves as the car waited on a transport trailer for a Channel crossing on its way to the Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands. They tried to nick it off a lorry bringing it to England. Of course, they didn't make it as the car the car is a mock-up and has no engine.

According to reports from across The Pond, the truck transporting the vintage concept car from Germany to the UK was hijacked by criminals looking to make off with the C111. The attempt was thwarted, but though now repaired, significant damage was reportedly incurred to one of the showcar's gullwing doors and to the front fender.

The C111 was a concept car by Mercedes-Benz which came in various alternative power train iterations, for which it was intended, throughout the 60s and 70s. Besides being fitted with turbocharged petrol/gasoline engines, Mercedes tried diesel and rotary engine power plants on it too. A C112 version also followed, fitted with a 6.0 liter V12. No version ever made it to production.

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