New performance package for the Audi RS6  

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This latest power upgrade for the Audi RS6 comes from REIFEN KOCH who is offering a serious power boost to the already sporty German tourer.

Even though the standard production version of the Audi RS6 is powerful enough as is for most drivers with its 580HP V10, tuners of all sorts are jumping on the bandwagon lately. German firm Reifen Koch has just released a new performance package for the RS6 comprising of engine mods and new alloy wheels.

Consisting of a revised ECU, a sport air filter and a high-performance exhaust system, the package enables the twin-turbo 5.0-liter V10 engine to produce 700 PS (522 kW / 690 hp) and 790 Nm (583 lb-ft) of torque - an increase of 120 PS (89 kW / 118 hp) and 140 Nm (103 lb-ft). Thanks to the added power, the SR RS6 has a top speed of approximately 330 km/h (205 mph).

The tuner considers that the RS6 doesn’t need any visual improvement, so it has not developed an exterior kit for the vehicle. However, the tuning house offers a new set of Schmidt Revolution CC Line light alloy wheels for the car. These use a multispoke angular design and features a polished outer rim. The one-piece wheels come in a 22 inch size and are wrapped in high performance sport tires, which come in a 265/30 size.

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Press Release

700 HP and 22 inch machine of Schmidt Revolution for the AUDI RS6

Engine performance is no problem for the current AUDI RS6. The intensified variant of the RS6 from Rodalben is hardly as close to racing-sport as any other pickup with road permission. The series achievement of the sport model was raised by means of software optimization, sport air cleaner and a sport exhaust system from 580 HP to 700 HP. Parallel the maximum torque grows to 790 Nm (series of 650 Nm) and the maximum speed is with approx. 330 km/h.

Now the AUDI RS6 starts into a new round, because after the vehicle was performance-related optimized, now also dominates the sharpened Schmidt wheel set. Because the best was also here good straight enough. A still more sporty optics obtains the 22 inch wheel/tire combination, which is available for the RS6 immediately. The one-piece Schmidt Revolution CC LINE light alloy wheels with polished external bed measures not less than 10x22 inch and fills out the wheel housings with high speed tires in size 265/30 22 all around optimally. Thus place is enough for the AUDI carbon high speed brake assembly.

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