Piecha Design Mercedes SLK RS Final Edition  

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The Mercedes-Benz SLK has just received a new modification pack from Piecha Design. One of those tuners is Piecha Design who have prepared the “Final Performance RS EDITION,” in order to say good bye to a pretty cool car.

Available in Fire Opal Red or Diamond White semi-matte, the RS features a revised front fascia, aggressive side skirts, and a new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser. Other goodies include black anodized accents, LED daytime driving lights, H&R lowering springs, and 19-inch alloy wheels.

The PIECHA Mercedes SLK RS has been equipped with a quadruple-flow sport exhaust system. The PIECHA Mercedes SLK RS program also includes sports leather seats, the Vario roof comfort package and H&R lowering springs. The PIECHA Mercedes SLK RS sits on 8.5x19 wheels and with 225/35R 19 tires at the front and 9.5x20 inch wheels and 265/25R20 tires at the rear.


Press Release

PIECHA Design Mercedes-Benz SLK R171 Final Performance RS Edition

The best saved for last: The final performance RS edition by Piecha Design

While the production of the highly successful SLK series R171 was just suspended, the new edition of the small Mercedes-Benz roadster should be completed in about half a year - after all, only masked prototypes are currently completing their laps. In order to cover the truth, the Mercedes-Benz operator PIECHA Design - in cooperation with the Swiss general importer of the company, the Auto Trachsler AG from Wetzikon - produces a unique final edition series.

One takes a brand-new and fully equipped SLR R171, garnished it with the best design programmes from PIECHA and painted the car in one colour, which was not available during the entire SLK R171time. Thus, the recipe for the PIECHA Design calls for "Final Performance RS EDITION," which is selectively available in fire opal red semi-matt with black top or diamond white metallic semi-matt. The interior is equipped with matching black nappa leather and red resp. white seams.

Externally, the "Final Performance RS Edition" is recognisable by the distinctive front-spoiler bumpers with integrated LED daytime running lights, the wedge-shaped side skirts with air intakes, as well as the
rear bumpers with a wide grid core and diffuser vane and the rear spoiler lip that reaches the angle of the trunk. In order to keep up acoustically with the visual appearance, the standard exhaust system
is being replaced with a quadruple-flow sport exhaust system - also from PIECHA - that gives the SLK a pithy and voluminous voice.

Every "Final Performance RS Edition" is equipped with the legendary PIECHA power converter, which gives the entire engine performance immediately into the vehicle - without needing a second to realise what is happening and without noticeable inertia of the series-production model - so that the performance can meet the demands of the visual and acoustic presence.

The spontaneous and agile power performance pushes the driver vehemently into the sports leather seat. As "must have" product, the Vario roof comfort package must not be missed of course. It enables to open and close the Vario roof of the roadster via a vehicle key from a distance of up to 50 metres or alternatively while driving with just one click (up to 60km/h) - without the hassle of holding the roof button.

For optimal road contact, lowering springs from H&R are used in PIECHA Design "Final Performance RS Edition," which perfectly stage the elegant PIECHA dp2 Phantom rims in the extravagant tyre/wheel combination 8.5x19 inches with 225/ 35R 19 tire in the front as well as 9.5x20 inches with 265/25R20 Pneus tyres and an incredible 100 mm rim base at the rear wheel.

Perfectly shaped, black anodised aluminium aerowings embellish the ventilation grilles of the bonnet. A special wind deflector with the signed "Final Performance RS Edition" logo and black perforated plate sidepiece end piece shows elegantly that this is about a subtle edition with a stunning design.

PIECHA Design and Auto Trachsler offer this "Final Performance RS Edition" transition to this perfectly custom-made vehicle to every customer who already has a SLK R171. In this case, it does not play a role whether this relates to a pre-facelift model, AMG styling, a SLK 55 or a facelift model. The spoilers are custom-made, have headlight cleaning flaps as well as PDC (if available) and can be individually painted and assembled in the standard colours of the model.

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