KICHERER SLS 63 Supersport  

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German tuner Kicherer has released their program for the Mercedes-Benz SLS 63 AMG. Upgrades include a carbon fiber front spoiler, a stainless steel exhaust system, a new rear diffuser, forged RS-1 wheels and a few carbon fiber interior parts. To top it off, they also include a lift-up system with this package that raises the vehicle by 1.2 inches at a touch of a button. As many owners of lowered sports cars would tell you, this system will often come quite handy.

Applying lessons learned from its previous modified Mercs, the tuner has upgraded the 6.2-liter V-8 engine to the tune of 601 horsepower and 495 pound-feet of torque, lifting performance of the SLS AMG into true supercar territory.

While the Mercedes SLS AMG standard develops 571 hp all, 2010 Mercedes SLS 63 Supersport by Kicherer package goes to the impressive 610 hp and torque to 670 nm. This increase was driven by a stainless steel sport exhaust and performance optimization package. In addition to good performance increase Mercedes SLS AMG also gets a new lift top-line sport chassis, allowing up to 30 mm increased, a feature that makes 2010 Mercedes SLS 63 Supersport by Kicherer easier to run on those annoying speed bumps. On the other hand, are the same sports suspension lowers the button is easy to maneuver through the garage.

The aerodynamic package includes a front spoiler lip in carbon and read diffuser fins in carbon. The package is finished by RS-1 multi-part forged wheels and a series of interior decorative parts in carbon.

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Press Release

KICHERER Fahrzeugtechnik SLS 63 Supersport


KICHERER Fahrzeugtechnik company from Stockach am Bodensee and photography master of international renown Frank Luger of Art-Photography from Albstadt have been a perfectly aligned team since 2005.

In the course of these years, F. Luger developed a unique image style for presenting the KICHERER-High end vehicles. It perfectly mirrors the company's philosophy.

Our philosophy and our objective is clearly emphasizing the visual basic forms by higher-quality sportive highlights. The complete hand-made KICHERER performance programme consistently presents the sportively dynamic character.

The design objective of the SLS 63 AMG is perfect combination of functional quality, craftsmanship and sophisticated design.

When these requirements are met, we give our vehicles the >>SUPERSPORT<<>

In cooperation with the KICHERER technology partner KW Automotive GmbH, the lift up system for the SLS 63 AMG was developed. This complete chassis removes the obstacles previously presented by parking garages, garage entries or steps. The vehicle with the KICHERER lift-up threaded chassis is raised by up to 30 millimetres on the push of a button to easily drive over obstacles. We would also like to emphasize the excellent driving characteristics in quick bends. The driving feeling is much more sportive and secure without losing any driving comfort.

Additional technical conversation measures

  • KICHERER RS-1 multi-part forged wheels "hand-made"
  • KICHERER performance optimisation for approx. 610 PS/670Nm
  • KICHERER lift-up threaded sports chassis
  • KICHERER stainless steel sports end pipe covers, 4 pipes
  • KICHERER front spoiler lip in carbon
  • KICHERER read diffuser fins in carbon
  • KICHERER interior decorative parts in carbon

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