Mazda Minagi Concept  

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Mazda is primed and ready to go to the Geneva Motor Show with their latest concept, called Minagi.

The new model will be one of the first Mazdas to use the brand’s newest design language, Kodo, which was previewed on the Shinari concept. This new language means “soul of motion,” and should not be confused with the alien from The Simpsons, Kodos. (For starters, Kodo is Japanese, while Kodos is from Rigel VII.) The sketches show a nice evolution of Mazda’s basic crossover silhouette, as well as the disappearance of the controversial smiley-face grille.

The Minagi is a showcase of Mazda’s Skyactiv technologies, the brand’s designation for its new engine, transmission and safety packages. Mazda will show some Skyactiv hardware in Geneva, including a direct-injection gasoline engine, a clean turbocharged diesel and two transmissions.

Despite being labeled as a concept, the company hinted the Minagi "is the forerunner to the launch of Mazda's upcoming next-generation products." This seems to imply we could be looking at Mazda's version of the Ford Vertrek concept, which will go into production, possibly as the CX-5, to the replace the current Escape and Kuga.

Press Release

Mazda MINAGI Concept to Showcase Mazda's All-new SKYACTIV Technologies and KODO Design at the Geneva Motor Show

HIROSHIMA, Japan-Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase the world premiere of its new MINAGI compact crossover SUV concept car during the press days of the 2011 Geneva motor show, which is being held from March 1-13, 2011. The Mazda MINAGI concept fully embraces Mazda's new SKYACTIV technologies and its new design theme, KODO - Soul of Motion. The exciting MINAGI concept is the forerunner to the launch of Mazda's upcoming next-generation products and symbolizes the evolution of the Mazda brand as it begins a new era.

The Mazda MINAGI is a compact crossover SUV concept that combines Mazda's SKYACTIV technologies - which represent the harmony between driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance - with emotional KODO design that communicates pent-up energy bursting with vitality as the vehicle nimbly navigates a sprawling urban cityscape. Fully introducing SKYACTIV technologies throughout, MINAGI is equipped with a SKYACTIV engine and SKYACTIV transmission fitted to a SKYACTIV-Body and chassis that merge comprehensive weight reduction with the assurance of ample safety features.

Mazda's stand at the Geneva show will also feature new SKYACTIV technology exhibits and the Mazda SHINARI design concept car, among a wide range of products.

Officially titled the 81e Salon International de l'Auto de Genève, the show's press days are March 1 and 2, and the public days are March 3-13, 2011. Mazda will hold a press conference on Tuesday, March 1.

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