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The tuner Loder1899 announced a new aftermarket program for the Ford C-Max. With visual and performance upgrades, which is Loder1899 Ford C-Max program already on sale. Loder1899 has the ability of the top diesel Ford C-Max Model 120 kW (163PS) to 140kW (190PS) increased by the use of a newly-mapped ECU.

The new reworked suspension lowers the ground clearande by 35 mm but also dmproves the ride while a rear diffuser completes the exterior tweaks available for the American MPV.
The Germans picked the 2.0-liter TDCi diesel unit and operated some minor adjustements. Due to the engine tweaks, the four-cylinder engines develop 190 horsepower and 390 Nm of torque, offering a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 8,3 seconds and a top speed of 213 km/h.

The car tuners installed a sportier front spoiler which is priced at 249 EUR, a new rear diffuser that costs 290 EUR and a tailgate-mounted spoiler that is priced at 159 EUR. They could also reduce the ride height of the car by 35 mm for 169 EUR giving it a more aggressive stance and they also offer a wide range of wheels from 18 to 20″ priced from 365 to 688 EUR each.

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Press Release

More Sex appeal for the new C-Max from Ford

If the German "Van" market was a school class, the C-Max would probably be the one who sits at the front not allowing his shoolmates to copy his homework. The girls in the class wouldn't even have noticed him and in the sport lessons the Ford C-Max would be the last picked for the team.
He could have resigned himself to this fate, but not Loder1899. With only a few cosmetic and technical touches to the unpopular geek and he turns in to one of the most popular jocks in the school.

More power and influence to the geek from Cologne

To give the Ford C-Max a sportier quality, Loder1899 offers a splendid designed body styling kit, consisting of a nicely refined front apron, a rear apron with diffusor elements and a rear spoiler lip. A chic double-flow stainless steel sport exhaust system and a suspension kit which lowers the C-Max by around 35mm is also available. For faster acceleration Loder1899 offers for the top diesel model a performance increase from 120 kW (163PS) to 140kW (190PS) . For the appropriate footwear a fine selection of wheels from 17 to 20 inches are available.


Prices and parts for the "Loder1899" C-Max

Suitable for Ford C-Max and Ford Grand C-Max

Frontspoiler: 249 Euro
Rear deffusor: 290 Euro
Rear spoiler lip: 159 Euro
Stainless steel exhaust system two pipes: In Preperation
Lowering kit (-35mm): 169 Euro

Wheel Porto 8x18 silver incl. tire 235/35R18 365 Euro/rim
Wheel W1 8.5x18 black/matte incl. tire 235/35R18 395 Euro/rim
Wheel Mauris 8x19 black/polish incl. tire 235/35R19 498 Euro/rim
Wheel Vertigo Viginti 9x20 black incl. tire 235/30R20 688 Euro/rim

Competitively priced wheel WP: 8.5x18 incl. tire 235/40R18: prices start at 324 Euro
Motor management/Performance increase: 849 Euro

"Loder1899" package: excluding paint job and assembly from 3.015 euro
List price: Ford C-Max (Gemany) from 25.100 euro
Ford C-Max with Loder1899 package: from 28.115 euro

Technical Data of the Ford C-Max: 2,0l TDCI with dpf, displacement 1.997cm3 • performance increase with "Loder1899" motor management accessory device up to 190 hp at 3750/min (standard 120 kW/163 hp at 3750/min.) • maximum torque 390 Nm at 2000/min (standart 340 Nm at 2000/min • front wheel drive • six speed gearbox • length/breadth/height 4.380/1.828/1.626 mm • car boot 627 l • fuel 60 l • towed weight, braked 1.500 kg; towed weight, unbraked 775 kg • top speed 263 kmph (with "Loder1899" 213 kmph) • 0-100 kmph in 8,6 seconds standard; (in 8,3 seconds with "Loder1899") • consumption (EU-Mix) combined 5,7 l/100 km • CO2 134 g/km.

"Loder 1899" always delivers body styling kits with EG type approval (ABE) or part-expertise, assembly instructions and the essential fastening means. Wheel/tire combinations with parts-expertise or ABE, mounted, balanced and nitrogen filled.

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