Bell Aurens Longnose, A Land Rover With Over 1,500 HP  

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What would a Land Rover look like if it had a 27-litre supercharged V12 engine, the Merlin, produced by Rolls-Royce to power an airplane, with over 1,500 hp? What if it also had an yatch like tail, like classic cars from the 1930’s, and were a roadster, or, even better, an off-roadster? You don’t have to force your imagination to figure it out, since Thomas Bell, the founder of Bell Aurens, has materialised this idea - called Longnose.

“The 12 cylinder is available on request - our preferred solutions are the Rover V8 4.6 or 5.0 or the double V8 as V16. They are closer to the original idea - nevertheless V12 have a similar tradition with cars of British origin and thus will be available on demand. The Merlin engine is an idea which is feasable, but has not yet been calculated. It is possible though - nevertheless it will remain a promotion car with, if at all, very restricted street legality”, Holger Kalvelage, spokesman for Bell Aurens, has told World Car Fans.Read All

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