AG Excaliber from Lithuania with 30-inch Wheels!  

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Lithuanian body man, Audronis Gestautas, has created a vehicle like no other. Under his own brand name, the AG Excalibur uses the body and underpinnings of a Mercedes-Benz CL-Class. Audronis sent us initial images of the finished product today but he was quite shy with the details. After a little due diligence, we found more photos which chronicle the build process. Surely, Excalibur is not to the taste of everyone, but there is much to be appreciated with all of the hard work and craftsmanship Audronis has put in.

Besides the bucket loads of PU foam and the insanely massive 24-inch chrome wheels up front and 30-inch in the rear, the interior is littered with Swarovski crystals. Audronis states, “one button is one big crystal, not like others who use plastic button glue with small crystals. ” Also, the gearshift lever is a huge 25cm crystal.

We will have to wait until the summer to get the full look. We'll be ready with sunglasses in hand.

[05/30/2008 CORRECTION: wheels were incorrectly reported as 30-inch front and 40-inch rear]via:WorldCarFans

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