BMW PAS set for February Unveiling in Munich  

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Since the PAS is based on the upcoming 2010 5-Series, it was widely expected to debut after the redesigned 5's were introduced. However given the timeframe for BMW's showing of the new PAS, it would appear that they are going to show a concept version instead of the production model.

Even if the company is going to debut a concept, it is clear that it would basically be a thinly veiled production model with larger wheels and a more fanciful interior.

Regardless of when or where the new PAS debuts expect it to feature the same engine lineup as the upcoming BMW 5-Series, this means power will come from a variety of petrol and diesel engines. The PAS will also feature slightly more interior and cargo room than the 5-Series sedan but a little less than the 5-Series wagon.

One possibility is that the company is previewing the model to journalists in advance of an official debut at the Geneva motor show in March, but that remains to be seen. Earlier it was believed the PAS would debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, which still could be possible if BMW were to introduce the new 5-Series in Geneva.

According to one of our sources BMW is going to unveil the company's 5-Series based Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) at an event early next month. The event is scheduled for February 11 or 12, but the exact details are still shrouded in mystery as BMW is keeping their cards close at hand for the time being.
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