Geneva Motor Show: EDAG Light Car Concept  

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EDAG Light Car Concept The Light Car's exterior dimensions (4.0 meters long and 1.70 meters wide) put it in the compact car size range. However, thanks to its in-wheel drive system that eliminates the need of an engine and gearbox, it features an extra-long wheelbase of 2.90 meters, or 2mm longer than that of the BMW 5-Series sedan.

 EDAG Light Car Concept
There's no doubt that this year's Geneva Salon in March will be jam-packed with electric and hybrid vehicles of all sorts. EDAG, a German design and engineering firm that has created anything from a Pontiac Solstice Station Wagon to amphibious rescue vehicles will perform the world debut of the "Light Car" concept. The compact sized hatchback will be propelled by four electric motors incorporated in the wheels featuring a range of up to 150 km - 93 miles.

 EDAG Light Car Concept One of the highlights of EDAG's concept is its innovative LED lighting technology that is incorporated in the glass panes. The LED lamps that mark out the outlines of the headlights and rear lights can be modified to the individual taste of the driver thus giving the car a unique appearance.
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