Detroit auto show: Volkswagen BlueSport roadtser concept with video  

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The new Volkswagen BlueSport concept will make its debut at this week’s Detroit Auto Show, and show the world the latest iteration of VW’s new hard-edge design language, which was first showcased on the Scirocco coupe and then on the Mark VI Golf.

"The design on the Concept BlueSport will represent the carefully balanced mix of technology and aesthetics," says Klaus Bischoff. "The shape is very clean and is reduced to the minimum essential to obtain and simple lines. Powerful unit will be mainly at the wheel arches and the selected intake vent at the rear wheels is clearly signaling that it is a middle trainsets."

The body of the Volkswagen BlueSport concept is made of steel with high shares of high-strength steel to increase the strength of the open car. Weight has been saved with gaps in the aluminum and a top design that only weighs 27 kilograms. In addition to low weight, reduced fuel consumption with automatic stop-start technology at standstill (engine starts at 0.2 seconds) and the generator is used to regenerate the charger to the battery during braking.

The interior of the Volkswagen BlueSport concept is characterized by a moderate style. The touch screen at the center console manages all information and entertainment. " The number buttons are relatively few and lit up the knobs control lighting and climate control. Even instruments paintings are "clean" and simple - a little Porsche-style.
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