VW Concept Blue Sports - mittmotor-roadster and green!  

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When Volkswagen premiere show its roadster concept in Detroit has united the best from two directions. Mittmotor, lightweight chassis and 180 hp turbodiesel that do not go more than 4.3 l/100 km. It provides a C02 emissions of just 113 g / km - making VW Concept Blue Sports for both sports car and green!

According to project manager Thomas Ingenlath, this was to create an appearance of the Concept Blue Sports similar to a powerful athlete. Strong, smooth and quick - but without any need to see aggressive out to demonstrate their strength. Design of course, is always a matter of taste, but probably have VW managed to achieve its goal? CLICK FOR LARGER

Okay, you want a green but still have serious fun behind the wheel. Right few alternatives on the market, right? But Volkswagen's latest concept car shows that there is light in the tunnel. How about mittmotor, roadster body, lightweight chassis, 180 hp turbomotor, 0-100 km / h in 6.6 seconds and a top speed of 226 km / h? All this in a car that does not draw more than 4.3 l/100 km and emits low 113 g / km of carbon dioxide under the ECE norm - that is an environment class car!
Körupplevelsen should be something special with the four-meter-long car that weighs no more than 1.200 kilograms and has a wheel in each corner. VW has been the way, did not put on a few easily rolled bicylce but fitted the car with 235/35ZR19-däck front and 245/35ZR19 rear.
With low weight, the 2.0 liter TDI engine sized seen as powerful, with 180 hp at 4200 rpm and above all, maximum torque of 350 Nm available at 1750 rpm. Volkswagen points out carefully in its press release that the size of engine power would led to a much larger gasoline engine of about 300 hp, with all that implies in terms of weight and thirsty consumption.

With its length of 3.99 meters is the Concept Blue Sport long as Polo, but a broader decimetres with a width of 1.74 meters. Height is only 126 centimeters and axis distance of 243 centimeters makes the car may be a wheel in each corner. CLICK FOR LARGER

The transmission on the Concept, is, of course, VW's now proven DSG box with dual access. The six gears can operate in automatic mode or manually selected via paddles on the steering wheel. DSG-automation also helps the driver to achieve very good consumption figures. The fuel tank holds 50 liters and run against ECE standard enough fuel 115 mil between the tank top. Speaking of the practical benefits of Concept Blue Sport two luggage space, the rear can hold 70 liters and the larger the volume is 112 liters.
The body is made of steel with high shares of high-strength steel to increase the strength of the open car. Weight has been saved with gaps in the aluminum and a top design that only weighs 27 kilograms. In addition to low weight, reduced fuel consumption with automatic stop-start technology at standstill (engine starts at 0.2 seconds) and the generator is used to regenerate the charger to the battery during braking.

While the interior is characterized by a moderate style. The touch screen at the center console manages all information and entertainment. " The number buttons are relatively few and lit up the knobs control lighting and climate control. Even instruments paintings are "clean" and simple - a little Porsche-style, right? CLICK FOR LARGER

Concept Blue Sports was developed by a team led by Klaus Bischoff, design director for Volkswagen, and Thomas Ingenlath, the head of VW's design studio in Potsdam. The clean, almost minimalist look is of course no coincidence, and connect to what we first saw the Concept Up:
"The design on the Concept Blue Sports will represent the carefully balanced mix of technology and aesthetics," says Klaus Bischoff. "The shape is very clean and is reduced to the minimum essential to obtain and simple lines. Powerful unit will be mainly at the wheel arches and the selected intake vent at the rear wheels is clearly signaling that it is a middle trainsets."
The front has the new, horizontal form language that we first saw the Scirocco and the last of the new Golf VI. This "design DNA" design by Walter de Silva (design head of VW Group), Flavio Manzoni (Head of Creative Design Volkswagen AG ") and Klaus Bischoff. The front has also bi-xenon lights up and taillights with LEDs. The design in terms of increasingly important daytime running lights are C-shaped and built into the main headlamps.
On location in the car you will see only the big screen in the middle, which is pressure sensitive, a "touchscreen" which is becoming more common for most to handle modern mobile phones which operated in the same way. All information and "entertainment" is controlled via the touchscreen and the multifunction steering wheel that sits on my console.
Above the screen are three knobs, which deal with air and when you want it cooler is light blue, and more heat gives a redder lighting. Easy to understand. Equally simple is the top operation, carried out manually and cabbar down in seconds, according to VW, which, in passing, wonder why it will complicate it with a lot of hydraulics and electric motors. Well, why? The easier, the better!
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