Designer Exercise: Volkswagen T6 Mobile Office  

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Automobiles are often thought of as sanctuaries. A place where people can retreat, escape the rigors of life and take a moment to sort their thoughts while cruising along.

However, Alexander Zhukovski, a student designer from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts in Ekatarinburg Russia thinks otherwise. Recognizing the busy rhythmic world of today, Zhukovsky has fused the two concepts of mobility and productivity in an extreme way to create this executive "office of the future". Paying homage to the VW Beetle and Transporter 1 bus for their iconic representation of the 50s-70s, Zhukovsky branded his roving office, T-6.

Giving new meaning to the expression "working on the road", the T-6 is constructed of two cylinders connected with a flexible middle section that acts as a hinge when making turns. The wheels are positioned onto the periphery of the body and revolve around the two cylinders. Both ends of the cylinders have vertically opening doors.

Source: via World Car Fans

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