Geneva Motor Show: Pagani Zonda F Cinque  

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Pagani will bring a one-off Pagani Zonda F Cinque to the Geneva Auto Salon next week. The Zonda F Cinque is a teaser for the upcoming Pagani Zonda Cinque that is based on the new Pagani Zonda R that will also make it’s appearance in Geneva. We had a unique peak at the limited edition Zonda F Cinque at the Pagani factory earlier this month.

The Pagani Zonda F Cinque is very different to the Zonda Cinque of which artist impressions were released last year. The Zonda Cinque is based on the new Zonda R and shares only 10% of it’s components with the Zonda F. It will only be build in a very limited production of just 5 cars which are all already sold. Production of the first Zonda Cinque has not yet begun.

To bridge the 1 year required for the Zonda Cinque to be build, Pagani build a Zonda F in Cinque livery. It looks pretty much like the artist impressions of the Cinque with again the major difference that this Cinque is based on the Zonda F instead of the Zonda R.

Therefor it lacks a couple aerodynamic features found on the Zonda R and Cinque impressions including the hood scoop and new rear diffuser. One of the highlights of the Zonda F Cinque are the black wheels and tyres that feature a red line along the edge of the tyre and the unique paintjob. This will definitely be one of the most amazing Zonda F’s to date and something to look forward to in Geneva.
Source: GT Spirit

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