Pagani Zonda R Officially Unveiled  

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Looking for a Pagani Zonda R for sale? You’re not the only one.

Ever since Pagani released details of the Zonda R back in 2007, we’ve had a steady stream of enquiries. To be fair, most of those were from rubber-neckers looking for brochures or pictures; not serious buyers. But we have had a few very serious enquiries (although they may have had a change of heart if they were in banking, manufacturing, construction…!) and we’ve had to tell them the same thing; it’s going to happen, but we don’t know when.

But this week Pagani has finally got round to launching the Pagani Zonda R in Vienna.

The Zonda R is the final iteration of the Zonda before an all new model arrives sometime next year. But it’s not a road car. This is a Zonda built for the track, and there are only going to be 10 units built. And its not trying to homologate itself in to any racing series. This is just a pure and simple project to create the ultimate Zonda for the track, for a handful of very wealthy clients with

access to private tracks.

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