Ferrari F450 Test Mule Spied Up Close During Winter Testing  

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Further upcoming Ferrari F450 spy images have emerged. Test mule was shot dead, while the test conditions are not suitable in Sweden rear-wheel-driven Ferrari. However, the cold is part of the development process, if the reliability of any kind of weather will claim.

The F450 has more than 500hp There were even rumors that the higher the output power of more than 520hp, Australia Ferrari. Ferrari will use the same dual-clutch gearbox of California, F450 from the envisaged dual 4.5 liters V8 engine. How difficult in the global economy, affecting the bright red brand will appear in the F450 through the possible technologies, such as the road car version of object (kinetic energy recovery system).

Mule in these pictures may be disguised as a, Australia, but the difference is easy to be found; wider fender, air scoops and centralized exhaust pipe to make a guessing game.

Obviously Ferrari car, code-named F142, is expected to be its first public display at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009. And will begin to deliver more than a year from now.
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