F430 Scuderia latest Ferrari to take on FIA GT3  

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Try, and in accordance with if we can. Ferrari built, Australia, which in turn led to the development of Australia's challenge. Eventually turned into a Ferrari, Australia, and now Kessel Racing team, Australia has set up an economic team car tires. This is a road towards road racing cars racing cars.

Yet? If so, this is a great example of the extent to which are interrelated with the Ferrari racing team's DNA. Approval by the FIA, the Swiss team plans to field cars in the economy-class car tires and take on the Lamborghini, Corvette, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ford and so on. The other two group CRS JMB racing team and also expressed an interest in cars as well as in the competition.

If all goes according to plan, economic car tires Ferrari at the first stop will be the first game on May 3 at Silverstone.

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