Pagani Zonda Cinque Chassis #1 On Sale For $2 Million  

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20% of the world Pagani Zonda Cinques you can now only € 160 million (two million U.S. dollars). Put it as a way to save the savings from the bank!

In addition to absorbing the world's excess supply of carbon fiber and titanium, super excellent device also take ungodly large amounts of cash, making it good, Nothing. While Albert Einstein might point to a factual error or two in that argument, supercars definitely depreciate in ways very familiar to the Dan Osman types who tie themselves on climbing ropes and plunge into ravines.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend the two-seater car is usually reserved for the people who are not as concerned about their money, but these are not ordinary times. If you burn the money, you will be deposited in the bank? Of course not. Why not buy a Pagani Zonda this Friday?

5 of these street legal texts Zonda R track special. Sale, embryos are elite style GmbH chassis # 1 cool € 1,600,000 2,000,000 Bucks at the current exchange rate. Your currency equivalent of the President of the Maserati team Quattroportes, you will get a sequence of transmission, 678 horsepower very useful, and a large sports shoes, to the sinister black color scheme of red and white in order to compress around the inch...
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