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When Basil Green squeezed a 5l Ford Windsor V8 into the venerable Capri 40 years ago he created the Perana legend. Now the name is about to make a return in dashing supercar style.

Low volume performance car enthusiasts will be well acquainted with the skills of Port Elizabeth based Hi Tech Automotive, under the leadership of Jimmy Price, renowned for building the Noble supercar range bodies.

Team Perana vision

Jimmy has always hankered after the idea of producing a home-grown supercar. At the Geneva motor show next week this dream will finally take a step closer to tangible reality with the unveiling of the Perana Z-one.

Made for real driving

Framing the otherworldly bodywork is a traditional 60s F1 car tubular and box section chassis. Suspending the Z-one, on both axles, is an unequal length double-wishbone set-up with Eibach springs and Blistein dampers controlling rebound.

Dream come true?

Jimmy Price intends the Perana Z-one to be a limited production model (as are all Zagato-inspired sports cars), with factory capacity in Port Elizabeth not to exceed 999 cars during a yearly production cycle. If they sell such numbers, Hi Tech Automotive could probably balance the Eastern Cape budget - for a change.

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