Video: Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Promotional Clip Hits the Spot  

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There is a video of the Alfa Romeo Mito Toronto, looked the definition of fashion, Italy, baby hot hatch. Really? Or as they say in Italy, intellectual property rights of people, non?

First, it provides a direct injection engine 1.8 liters with 240 horsepower spicy through the use of turbochargers, dual variable valve timing and electronic, and optimize engine management.

Toronto is one of Mito, a model you bet one day become a classic. It is equipped with a series of great new technologies, make it worthwhile to engage in most of (car Alleggerito - allegerito measures to alleviate) the Alfa Romeo brand badge.

Weight loss (apart from using a very small engine Toronto) from the carbon fiber body panels made of aluminum and use of brakes, suspension and chassis. 20 mm to reduce the Arab-Israeli cars and to maximize the aerodynamics of the chassis airflow and positive after the suspension, as well as advanced damping control to help the balance of racing a variety of load pressure from the Road, in order to ensure a more flexible treatment.

Now, there is a lot of the gizmology packaged into what kind of car households. But at the end of the Fiat Group has been bold, they never wavered. Toronto looks forward to a white-hot Mito.
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    Thanks for the interesting post and video. Alfa Romeo cars are simply outstanding. Having this car is an indication of high status. I like Alfa Romeo Mito. Alfa Romeo MiTo comes with good features and design. The interior and exterior look is fabulous. The MiTo has got an option of multiple engines. The car is small in size but the features and design is very impressive.