2010 Alfa Romeo Milano Spy Photos  

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Late last year at the Bologna Motor Show, Alfa Romeo CEO Luca de Meo confirmed that the car was in the works, and that it would arrive in the fourth quarter of 2009. These spy photos show the car is progressing well toward that deadline, though camouflage does hide the details of the car's form. The five-door layout and sharing of the new 8C-inspired design theme are evident, however.

Fans of Italian styling are anxiously awaiting Fiat and Alfa Romeo's return to the U.S., despite the fact that the tenuous alliance with Chrysler makes the whole deal anything but certain. Nevertheless, hatch fans are amped to see the new MiTo hatch, is essentially the replacement to the entry-level portion of the 147 line, arrive in the U.S., while the new and upscale 149, to be called Milano as revealed in Chrysler's viability plan, is planned for late 2009. These spy shots of the Milano, reveal the car's resemblance to, but also differences from, the MiTo as well as its current development stage.

The new Alfa will come despite a planned halt in production to bring stock in line with demand. By splitting the existing 147 line into the MiTo and Milano, it allows the company to retain existing customers of the range while targeting new ones at both ends of the spectrum. The smaller and more efficient MiTo can play toward the younger and more urban crowds, while the Milano should scale well with the more affluent and suburban lifestyles. Adding to the Milano's more upscale direction is the inclusion of the four-wheel drive Q4 system, though the Q2 front-wheel drive will remain standard.

The Milano is expected to share a platform with the Lancia Delta and Alfa Romeo Bravo, contrary to earlier reports of the Milano/149 getting an all-new platform. The same core engine range is expected, including a smallish 120hp (90kW) four-cylinder and ranging up to a 3.2L V6 good for 265hp (198kW). It will also share much of the same running gear. Sometime after the car's debut, a GTA model, like the MiTo's recently unveiled version, is also expected.

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