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Audi concept Shark 26-year-old Qazi Doku competition to win entry to the design (. PDF format) co-hosted by Audi and Milan's Domus Academy. Although the Shark might wear, the Fourth Ring Audi logo, this is not a car, but hovercraft. However, you can see some familiar with the contents of the de'Silva Walter signauture style, many things the Treasury told us that he tried to emulate the design of Shark.

"Reflects Audi's clean and perfect lines, I have devised a super sports car," many libraries told确实. Shark watch, it is easy to catch up with catch a glimpse of the Audi R8, TT and in five, but with the ultra-modern way.

Zavgayev said that the driving position is similar to a motorcycle, "but with the safety car." LED lights to come straight out of five parts-bin, but the rear hinged glass cockpit and air foil to direct the future. We also appreciate the side view mirror, the path must be on the taxiway at an astonishing speed.

The young Turks (true - he was living in Izmir, Turkey) has won three other awards of automotive design, which is remarkable considering the lack of an auto industry in their own country. Zavgayev, thanks to his lifelong love of racing success of the design and "look the automobile industry [and] to carry out the design on the computer screen." Him before the concept of winning, including fabric skin Peugeot Ustuminki, This is a 2007 Peugeot Design Competition finals , and the first race in Turkey Ototrend not doored conceptual design of the so-called home.

Although the Audi design competition first prize is a scholarship, 70 percent of the Domus Academy, Zavgayev said that he was unable to bear the balance, and has withdrawn his application for the master's degree in automotive design process. This is a shame, because it has a number of shark bites.

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