Geneva debut: Sportec RS700 based on the Audi RS6  

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Sportec called aristocratic power cars. A more appropriate name may be the T - Rex's high-heeled shoes. This is RS700 This is introduction to the world through the 2009 Geneva International Motor Show by professional tuner Sportec.

At RS700 are as Sportec Audi RS6 hope that in the first place. V10 engine of 5.0 liters of capacity, but retained some changes. ECU is re-planning and new high-performance catalysts with high flow exhaust system installed on.

The engine is now more than 700hp (522kW) and torque is an enormous 800Nm. Standard figure is 580 horsepower (426 kilowatts) and 650nm, respectively. Great quattro all-wheel drive system-driven cars to 0 - 100 kmh Sprint at 4 seconds, and 0 - two hundred kmh required 12 seconds. The maximum speed limit of 310 kilometers / hour

Light 20-inch alloy wheels with 265/30 tires, the purpose of high-performance fit. Suspension system can be reduced by 30 mm, together with the rear most of the proliferation of the automobile pressure, the need for better treatment. Sportec containing aluminum accessories such as pedal and pedal and so on.
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