Red-faced rag top: Volkswagen unveils New Beetle "Blush"  

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Driving a New Beetle convertible alone is enough to make this 30-something, male blogger blush from embarrassment. Now there's a new, tarted-up version of the neo-Bug called the Blush that sports special colors and trimmings to match the driver's face.

The Blush is painted up in a hue called White Gold – a metallic finish that will likely be the pride of the Real Estate Agent's parking lot, especially when paired with the red leather interior. Fold the red top down, cover it with the red boot and hit the road.

You'll be spinning the car's uniquely-patterned 17-inch wheels on your way to the next showing. There's the standard kit underhood: a 2.5-liter engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. $27,000 is all that separates you from this hunk of awesomeness. We'd love nothing more than to show you a 50-image gallery of the Blush, but VW has released only two interior shots of the car. Maybe they're embarrassed a bit.
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