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The Catalan company ad Tramontana is called the answer to that question the Tramontana 'R'.

Eighteen months ago we had a world first by being the first behind the wheel of the Formula 1-like Tramontana graduate. Meanwhile, there are seven of those cars built and the small team from Girona a new version ready: the Tramontana 'R'. The car is said to develop the sensation for the driver to raise and is lighter than the original model. Despite that the 'normal' Tramontana been an unprecedented amount of lightweight materials has been applied (both chassis and body are entirely of carbon and the same goes for the wheels), the 'R' another 92 kilograms lighter.

This drops the empty weight of 1360 to 1268 kilograms. And also the weight distribution was continued. Instead of the ratio of 42/58 previously, for the 'R' a vision of 50/50. The car is also built around a 50 millimeter shortened chassis. According Tramontana is that the driving and cornering speed circuits as well.

There are many small changes. The car comes with power steering and tractiecontrole and received both before and behind other spoilers and a front splitter. On the side of the body, air uitstroomopeningen placed inside and find you a truncated race stuurtje and new counters. The benefits speak for themselves. From standstill to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds afgeraffeld. To 200 is 10.15 seconds.

The speed of the Tramontana 'R' is adjusted to 325 km / h, all this thanks to the included 5.5-liter V12 Mercedes just for the rear axle is. The price of the 'R' is 385,000 euros, excluding taxes. Remarkably lower than the price of around 700,000 euros for the base year and a half ago we were being given. How the 'R' drive you know soon. Next week we get himself behind the wheel of the Tramontana 'R'.
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