Lotec released 2009 Sirius sketches  

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The name of Lotec you are probably familiar: It is a small German preparer who beyond his work on tuning the cars made of the mark to the star, has also embarked on many projects more ambitious. There had been the single C1000, 850-horsepower supercar built at the request of a wealthy emir. Lotec had also dwelt on a Ferrari Testarossa with the key to a monster of 780 horses.

Christmas is not likely to arrive late this year: SSC Aero, Gumpert Apollo or even the amazing Danish Zenvo ST1, means of locomotion supersonic no shortage at this time of Eve. This is just an old sea serpent appears to join the party.

Finally, Lotec became known delirious with Sirius, a supercar whose drawing (rather heavy) dates back to 1992 and who intends to display more than 1,200 horses to a top speed of over 400 km / h.

And to get back to days at a time when more than one thousand of horses is no longer a sufficient means to distinguish itself, provides a new Lotec Sirius for the year 2009. Obviously, it is still at the stage of photoshop but there is no doubt that his claims should be up to its predecessor.
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