Geneva: Wiesmann GT MF4 Roadster BMW M3 with heart  

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If the speculation will correct Wies Mann Geneva unveil the roadster version of the GT MF4. And therein, in addition to the already known 367 hp 4.8 liter V8 from BMW, the block of the BMW M3 (4.0 V8 420 hp) are available.

In his dense brother, the GT MF4, the M3 block all at once become available. It is not confirmed, but the appearance of a roadster version of the MF4 probably means the end for the MF3 Roadster. Because in this model is the 3.2 six-in-line BMW M engine that recently went out of production. For the Roadster MF3 Wies Mann has no engine and therefore will be stopped with this model.

For the people by the letters and numbers no longer know the different models, below a small overview:

Roadster MF4 (4.8 V8, 367 hp, induction in Geneva)
Roadster MF4-S (4.0 V8, 420 hp M3 engine, introduced in Geneva)

GT MF4 (4.8 V8, 367 hp, all available)
MF4 GT-S (4.0 V8, 420 hp M3 engine immediately available)

GT MF5 (5.0 V10, 507 hp M5 engine, already available)

And next year Roadster MF5?


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