Pagani Zonda R Official Commercial Trailer Released have Video  

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Imposing and elegant in the halls of Palexpo exhibition in Geneva, but more shy and less on the haunting new video promo of the Pagani Zonda R proposes that the siter Supercarmovies. Is still a staging licked attractive for a supercar. To discover, therefore, for a simple but fun fun!

Of course nothing new about the Pagani Zonda R, bomb last line signed Horacio Pagani in the same vein as other supercars as exclusive as diabolical as the Ferrari FXX and Maserati MC12. For the record, the Pagani Zonda R takes a block of AMG 6 liter, 750 horses for a couple of 710 Nm at 5 700 rpm.

In terms of pure performance, the radical Zonda R sends wood showing 350 km / h in peak speed and requiring only 2.8 seconds to lower the claquer 0 to 100 km / h. Too bad the video below does not put this forward. To see anyway for the good mouth.
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