2008 Chanel Fiore Design Concept in Video  

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Luxury brand buyers are chosen not for their practicality and functionality, and above all, for style, beauty and prestige. Jin Young Jo offers nebezyzvestnomu brand Chanel get their own car, the name he received Fiole.

Execution of the project is quite decent - good sketches, good design, interesting video presentation, and shape of the body is easy to read. Company logo of Chanel guessed and front lines, and at the rear of the sidewall Fiole.

The student created the Chanel Fiole concept as part of a class project. Using the words "Fashion Art of Vehicle," and being assigned the brand label famous for everything from perfume & makeup to watches & jewelry, Jin developed what he felt was a matching concept. "Fiole is inspired by the peculiarity of Chanel," he said. To elaborate this "peculiarity" he used only deep blacks and reflective whites. In his video animation of the vehicle, it is hard to tell if the car is black, or white reflecting its dark surroundings. An aerodynamic form was also important to Jin for the purpose of this project. Hence, he designed the Fiole in such a way that it

Such a vehicle could stand at the head of all the products offered by Chanel, and buyers would be found. Why not.

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