BMW Art Cars: First U.S. Venue in Worldwide Tour  

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The BMW Art Car Project is the brainchild of race car driver Hervé Poulain who in 1975 commissioned an American artist to paint his race team's BMW. Since then, prominent artists have from time to time been asked by BMW to re-interpret their cars. There are currently a total of 16 such vehicles and the project is still ongoing.

Yes, California is still the freaky/funky haven it has always been for alternative creative that is way out there, Man.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) will be the first US venue for the display of a collection of BMW Art Cars each of which was designed by a famed artist.

The four BMWs which will be seen at the LACMA were the imaginative works of artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella. The cars will be on view in the museum's BP Grand Entrance, free-of-charge to the public. The display will run from February 12th to the 24th.

The display will also feature never before seen footage of the four cars, including film of Warhol at work on his design.

After the Los Angeles debut, the four BMW art cars will go to New York to be put on display at Grand Central Terminal before continuing on their world tour.

BMW Art Cars have made it to some of the world's most prestigious museums including the Louvre in Paris and the Guggenheim museums in New York and Bilbao.
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