Acura 2+1 Coupe Concept's Design Proposal  

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The new V10-powered NSX may have bitten the dust due to the enduring global economic crisis (click here for details) but that doesn't mean that Honda fans can't continue to dream on.

The Acura 2+1 Coupe Concept you see pictured above is a design proposal for a more affordable and down to earth NSX created by Colombian designer Leon Paz during his internship at Honda R&D Americas.

Acura 2+1 Coupe NSX Concept Study The concept features an aggressive look that adopts what Paz calls, a multi-faceted design language.

"The idea was to show very aggressive styling on the body and keep it very simple on the top section with a dynamic roof line flow," Paz explains. One of the most interesting styling elements of the Acura coupe with its 2+1 seating arrangement is the prolonged transparent rooftop that allows a see-through view of the engine compartment.


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