2009 Ford Fiesta 5-door Spy Photos  

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Our spies have snapped the first photos of the 2009 Ford Fiesta five-door, caught testing in Europe. The prototype was spotted driving around while partially shrouded by a car cover, but the lack of heavy camouflage actually affixed to the car itself has resulted in some very revealing spy shots. Many of the key styling elements are clearly visible, and they reek of Ford new Kinetic Design philosophy.

With the sheer car cover sucked tight to the nose you can clearly see the next Fiesta twin trapezoidal grilles on the front bumper, topped by a third grille-opening between the headlights. The headlight shape is very apparent, starting at a point and sweeping well back toward the front fenders. The interplay between the headlights and the top grille is reminiscent of Ford Iosis X concept vehicle.

A sharp character line runs along the Fiesta waistline, from the headlights to the tail-lights, giving the shape some sporting edge and a strong stance. The chiseled nature of the Fiesta side sculpting once again takes some cues from the Iosis X.

The cover flapped wildly as the car drove away, providing a clear look at the Fiesta tail-end, which like the rest of the car, was only disguised by paint graphics. It appears that the new Fiesta tail-lamps no longer run up the D-pillar, but are contained to the car belt line.

Industry reports say that the Fiesta will resurrect Ford Global Car strategy, and this five-door model will be offered in the U.S. with only minor changes to front and rear overhangs to accommodate our differing crash regulations. The word is that the American“Red- White-and-Bold' design theme characterized by Ford Fusion and Edge will be intermingled with Europe Kinetic Design as future European Fords make their way across the Atlantic.

The Fiesta is expected to debut about one year from now in Europe as a 2009 model with U.S. Sales most likely commencing about eight to twelve months after that.

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