Audi 2008 Internal Product Launch Document Leaked  

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An anonymous source has sent us this alleged internal Audi document sent to dealerships listing all of the new product launches in Germany for 2008. Notable entries which have yet to be revealed include A4 Avant for spring 2008 and the Q5 and Q7 V12 TDI in the end of the third quarter. Also, the Audi TT-S is listed for second quarter 2008 but what is surprising is the 198kW (269hp) power rating. Using the same 195 kW (265hp) 2.0-liter TFSI engine found in the Audi S3, previous spy reports pegged the TT-S with a increase over the S3 to 280hp, so this marginal power increase is somewhat disappointing.

In a separate occasion, the same source has provided us with another alleged official diagram of the future inline 5-cylinder 2.5-liter TSI engine producing 256 kW (350 hp). Although we have our doubts about it's authenticity due to the design signature and strange Haettenschweiler italics font, it looks exactly the same as the diagram used for the VW four cylinder TSI version with just one cylinder added to the intake and exhaust manifolds. This engine, which is currently found on the North American Jetta in naturally aspirated form will serve as the basis for the upcoming Audi TT-RS which is likely to be called simply, TT-R. Sources at Ingolstadt state Audi was surprised with the success of the new TT and therefore decided to complete the model range with S and RS versions.

Decide for yourself whether it's real or just another edited image.

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