Hyundai Genesis Revealed in Korea  

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At media preview

Today Hyundai has revealed the brand new rear-wheel-drive luxury sports sedan at a Korean media test drive preview. Yesterday the Koreans were still very secretive about the looks of their new flagship model, but today we have images of the car in its entirety.

As mentioned yesterday, the Hyundai Genesis will be powered by the new Tau V8 engine producing 375 horsepower coupled with a six-speed automatic, base models will feature either a 3.3 liter or 3.8 liter Lambda V6.

The Genesis emblem will only be featured on the Korean and Chinese market models and will not make it to the North American market. Resulting in speculations that Genesis may become a sub-brand of Hyundai just like Lexus (subsidiary of Toyota) and Infiniti (subsidiary of Nissan). Only time will tell.

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