Königseder Opel GT'aime  

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The press release for this car reads like an embarrassing personal, but marketed as the GT'aime, an Opel GT modified by Königseder allegedly a magnet for adultery, it's hard not to want to read on about the car that'll have women lining up for a ride.

The modified Opel GT 'causes the tensions an affair consists of' with racy aerodynamic accents, namely a re-modelled front spoiler and rear wing, emphasising both the dynamism and soft form of the car. Powered by a 300 PS unit, and boasting custom made Brembo brake system and a sporty KW coilover suspension setup for sports ride and lap records, thrills are guaranteed at every corner. The 'climax' comes in the form of an enhanced cabin with a hand made wooden floor in black and red with GT'aime inscriptions.

Press Release

Desire for an affair?
Königseder makes his own motor show - not in Essen - but with his work on Opel GT. Women finally know what they want:

300 sleek-tuned PS.
The affair Königseder and Opel takes place.
With aerodynamic accents - frontspoiler and rear wing - race wins over mass and causes exactly the tension which an affair consists of. They emphasize the soft silhouette on the one hand and power the dynamic character of the car on the other hand.

A KW coilover suspension version 3 guarantees sporty driving and lap records through individual damper adjustmest - also due to the Yokohama tires.

Las Vegas: 20" Giovanna Dalar rims remind of Elvis' best times with rivet belts and match the car like chalk and cheese. Two American giants meet at Konigseder. Why not earlier?

The custom made Brembo brake system provides excellent deceleration and the 332mm brake discs with red 4 pistons calipers underline the exciting e! rotic style of this convertible.

The climax of the affair - naturally - takes place in the interior:
Very special: Hand made wooden car floor in black and red with GT`aime writing.

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