IDEA ERA concept built in 30 days to celebrate 30th anniversary  

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The term Barchetta, which literally means 'little boat' in Italian, is applied to a small, two-seat open-air sports car called the ERA concept introduced by the Italian styling firm IDEA Institute. Like many past barchettas,the ERA is doorless, meaning drivers and passengers get to do their best Bo Duke impression as they enter the roadster over the doors. What's especially impressive is that such a cool design was drawn up, rendered and molded into reality in just 30 days. Conceived at a meeting on April 8, the vehicle is meant to commemorate IDEA's 30th anniversary and the initial design was approved on the same day. Feverishly working around-the-clock, the vehicle's team pounded out a very nicely designed model, which at this time features no powertrain. With its curvy body and peaked fenders all around, the ERA has a hint of the old Birdcage racer in its profile. Suggested layouts include both a transversely mounted four-banger driving the front wheels or a longitudinal V6 providing the proper rear-wheel-drive layout.

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