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Late yesterday afternoon a new Nissan 370Z image surfaced, supposedly the image was taken with a mobile phone during a recent Nissan event in Japan judging by the Japanese text above the car. Interestingly enough a much higher quality, but much smaller image surfaced hours before.

When compared to the 370Z sculpture shown at the recent N360 event in Portugal we can start to see some similarities between the two cars, namely the wheel arches and the roof line. The new 370Z will be four inches shorter than the current 350Z, combined with a new roof line (seemingly a throw back to the Fairlady of old) and the usage of the new type headlamps which first debuted on the new Nissan Maxima. The new overseas Fairlady Z will pack around 330 hp from the new 3.7 liter VQ engine and is scheduled to make its world debut at this years LA Auto Show.

Whatever this may be, mobile phone picture or clever photoshop, we are a bit skeptical about the origins of the image since nobody has officially claimed it. All we can do now is compare and stare at the screen until it all makes sense. Rest assured that whenever official information comes through you'll find it here.
Source: CarSpyShots

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