Lewis Does LA... in TechArt Style  

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Lewis who? He drives a race car? Oh, in NASCAR? ... and you know how the rest of the conversation goes. Somehow, Formula One has yet to penetrate the American bubble despite increasing popularity in recent years, thanks to Speed Channel. So, if you're an F1 star, what better place to escape the hounding press and paparazzi, especially after just winning the Monaco GP, than a place where you're an unknown, yet still able to tool around in a TechArt 997 without anyone noticing - welcome to Los Angeles.

As Lewis' newest cheerleader, as seen at the awards ceremony in Monaco, perhaps it was Pee Diddy's influence for the trip to the states, but most likely a pit stop (no pun intended) on the way to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Nonetheless, Lewis got himself a sweet ride during his visit thanks to U.S. TechArt importer Claus Ettensberger Corp. (aka CEC).
via Jalopnik.com

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