2009 Audi A7  

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Audi continues its quest to fill every possible niche in the motoring universe with this new A7 that arrives in 2009. CAR Online's artist's impression is based on the official design sketch we smuggled out of Ingolstadt last year (red car pictured) and reveals the new four-door coupe that will be shown at the Frankfurt motor show 2009.

Should we believe the marketing claims of four-door coupes? Essentially, they are slinkier, less practical, lower-roofed saloons – hardly cut 'n' thrust two-door sports cars. Whatever you call them, they're all the rage – with Merc enjoying success with its gangsta CLS, Jag continuing its low-slung theme with the XF and VW now muscling in at the budget end of the market with the Passat CC. BMW too is planning a four-door GT based around the Concept CS.
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