Alfa GT Cloverleaf Q2 Edition Announce  

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Alfa Romeo has revived the Cloverleaf badge for a special edition Alfa GT in the UK.

Going back to 1923 the Cloverleaf represented a good luck charm for Alfa Romeo’s racing team and cars. Then in the early 80's “Gold leaf” and “Silver leaf” variations denoted top specification trim levels.

Going on sale July 01 in the UK the Cloverleaf package applies to all four Alfa GT versions with the 170bhp 1.9JTDM 16V Cloverleaf Q2 at the top of the range.

The Cloverleaf package includes Q2 limited slip differential, increased throttle response via sport mode button, exclusive 18” double spoke alloy wheels, red brake calipers, satin-effect front grille and door mirrors.Read All Article

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