Assembles Vivi - China' Year Miss s Car SalesWomen  

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You walk into your local Citroen dealer looking for an ideal buy, you take a look around at the latest models on display but nothing takes your fancy and as you go to walk out the sales person asks "Can I help you with anything". A usual response would either be "no, thanks" or "just looking thanks", but we suspect that if the lady you see before you asks the same question we are sure the words "hell yeah" may come out of your mouth before your brain catches up and realises what you have said.

This is surely a situation that has happened to a lot of lucky punters in a Citroen dealer in China where 21 year old Vivi works as a saleswomen which has resulting in her winning the coveted Miss car saleswomen title as voted by the Chinese “Wo” magazine. She seems to have developed some excellent techniques judging by these photos including the highly effective "oops, I dropped my pen" technique and the equally impressive self unbuttoning blouse.
via: WorldCarFans

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